Salt Fly Fish Has a New Toy

A small break in the dominant westerly winds yesterday provided a chance to get out and check out the winter fishing. I was very surprised to see 4 big kings hanging around some reefy structure, somewhat surprised to see one of them charge towards the boat with my 1/0 fly in its mouth and then not at all surprised to lose another fly line when it reefed me 5 seconds latter!

It was probably the first time in two years I had left my Sage Salt 13wt in the shed.Turns and shearwaters were busy following some baitfish action on the surface and after multiple fly changes I swapped to a sinking line and came up solid on a beautiful fat kahawai full of anchovy.


I had almost given up on chasing the birds but now realise there were a lot of fast moving anchovy and not so many predators. Later on I hooked one on a crease fly after a lot of casting at the fast moving action.

The day was made complete with a snapper session along a lee shore ,once again it took some hunting but a patch of fish were found and a couple of string pullers came home on ice.


This was my second trip with the New Minn Kota, it really will be a game changer for all the styles of fishing we have around the Hauraki Gulf wether its chasing workups in the channels, mooching the weedlines or spotting Kings on the flats.