Birthday Fishing with Nick & Christopher

Nick and Christopher had an afternoon introduction to saltflyfish-ing. There had been a birthday and some whiskey so a late start while the shower clouds parted was a good idea.

There is no need to make hard work of having fun! With years of trout fishing habits to coach out of their casting and some breezy patches to the day combined with the previous nights activities I think this Father and Son duo did really well.


Spring Kahawai busting in the shallows gave Nick the chance to bend a recent purchase of a Sage One 8 weight and the effectiveness of fly fishing was clear. Multiple double hookups on surface and clouser flies provided some excellent visuals and journeys around the boat chasing hard pulling fish.

Dad won the biggest fish award and Nick won the ” I am glad I didn’t buy him socks for his birthday” satisfaction. As the tide filled in the action slowed and some super shallow reefs got the attention of small shrimpy clousers, a nasty squall moved in and with a couple of fish proving the point we moved into the shelter of Islington bay to warm up before a final few casts on a reef system that produced a plump snapper that went on ice.

Its a huge reward to see more and more converts to fly fishing getting results and waking up to the opportunities we are surrounded by!