Give it to Harry – Out of the Plane & Onto the Waters on the Same Day

Harry Bolton arrived in NZ at 11am and was catching fish on Waiheke by 3.30 that afternoon!
His trip was scheduled for Sunday morning, but all the weather forecasts indicated severe rain storms. I put the call in that if he was up to it we could make use of the afternoon before the storm, normal folk may have required a sleep or relax after 30 hours of travel but Harry was obviously a fisherman!

The wind direction and rain squalls did not hamper our efforts and like true hunters we stalked and mooched around looking for areas unaffected by the freshwater runoff already discolouring the harbour.

With the snapper being hard to locate I knew a spot on the incoming tide where the spring whitebait may be getting herded by Kahawai into some structure. We had a great afternoon with multiple feisty Kahawai hitting small surface flies.

The kahawai were hungry and often exploded right out of the water as they hit the fly! While only mid size Kahawai they impressed Harry with their strong fight and leaps.

Returning to the beach below his accomodation at Marino Ridge I filleted some fish while he had a swim.

As I watched Harry walk the small bush track up the hill in his togs, a bag of fresh Kahawai fillets in his hand I thought that would have to be the best way to arrive in Aotearoa to begin a fishing and hunting adventure!