Introducing Sir Graham Henry to Saltwater Fly Fishing

Yesterday afternoon I met with Sir Graham Henry to introduce him to saltwater fly fishing. We had a coaching session on the lawn then headed out into blustery winds.

We moved around a few spots that gave us some shelter from the westerly winds eventually finding an area where the reef and kelp were visible in less than 2 meters of water and the incoming tide was pushing against the structure.

Graham landed his first snapper on fly, having mastered the technique of fishing a floating line and a lightly weighted shrimp fly.Long pauses and keeping some slack in the line meant the fly remained suspended mid water.

Graham got to experience both types of takes I had explained his first snapper took a while to coax into a committed bite while he teased the fly forward and then paused,eventually the tail nips became a committed hit.

The second fish did a smash and grab and ripped line from his hand and put on a great fight on the Sage Salt 7 weight. Another fish was hooked soon after that hit the fly almost as it landed and then launched itself out of the water before digging its head into the kelp and gaining its freedom.

During this short time we saw several surface swirls from snapper hitting the surface over the shallow kelp initially thinking it was a kingfish but soon realising the snapper were aggressively feeding on the whitebait and other fry that the tide was pushing in and up onto the kelp where the snapper were.

I had such a cool afternoon and are absolutely stoked to have shared this with Graham, who is convinced that saltwater fly fishing will be something he’s going to do more of!