Fly Fishing with Marty

Marty is a relatively new fly fisher and was over from Aussie for a few days. He wanted to share a half day charter so I thought it would be a good time to put a few casts in myself.

I was so enjoying showing Marty the ocean side of Waiheke after weeks of wind and rain that I almost forgot to do any fishing myself, especially as Marty said his Boss did not believe we would be catching snapper on fly in less than two meters.


Despite the very fishy looking water the ocean coast only provided a brief shot at a buch of good sized kingfish that were not in a the fly eating mood.

Turning a corner and travelling into a shallow bay with visible patches of sand and weed I was sure Marty would be about to prove his Boss wrong! 3 snapper and one for myself on the 7 wt out fits ,floating lines and shrimpy flies home by lunch time!