Spring Winds on Waiheke

Spring winds continue to limit our opportunities. Mark Tomsett was on Waiheke and we were able to pick the best weather window late last week.

The wind was lighter than it had been but still meant we were limited to sheltered spots that can be hit or miss at this time of year.


It seems the winter fish have gone all funny with the breeding schools getting jiggy out in the deeper water. Kingfish and Kahawai have just started to move into the shallows and things will be hotting up as soon as the wind calms.

We worked our way down the coastal side of Waiheke before we found a patch of fish and some shelter. Mark worked out the technique with the floating lines and found success with casts back into the shoreline to produce a few small pan sized snapper.


Working back up the coast we arrived seconds late to a kingfish explosion on the surface and then threw a range of flies at some channel marker kings that could not be fooled or provoked.

Mark told me he learnt heaps and had a good time, I certainly enjoyed his company and it was a great days fishing despite not catching many fish.

Guys like Mark are fantastic clients , they are there for the total experience and have made the commitment to fish by fly and appreciate the fishing as much as the catching!