Fishing on Waiheke in Spring

There is always an upside! The unsettled Spring we are having has limited the number of days on the water, however the snapper are already mixing, mingling and getting jiggy out wide.

Baitfish are holding in readiness to make an influx into the calmer shallows of the gulf and kingfish are in great condition and starting to appear in close. As soon as we get a few days of settled weather the Kahawai will start to follow the whitebait/fry as they flow in on the tides.


The weather is keeping fisherman away and letting Nature do whats it needs to.We had a similar thing last year and I imagine it will be a regular feature during October/November in years to come.

I am thinking of hosting some tropical trips (Aitutaki/Kiribati)next year as this is a pretty good time to be there and not here. Here are a few recent fish caught during the short weather breaks.