Chasing Kingfish & Kahawai with James & Ben

James and Ben had booked a morning trip for the start of their NZ holiday.

We spent some time on the lawn getting comfortable casting the saltwater gear before hitting the water.

Hopefully this casting tune up will assist in the capture of some trophy trout as their next stop is Poronui Station.

The casting practice certainly proved beneficial as the fish were moving fast and continued to hold in the choppy channels with unfavourable winds.

Our morning was extended to a full day as we continued to chase Kingfish and Kahawai around the islands at different stages of the tides.

Both guys loved the hard fighting Kahawai and the Kingfish charging from under structures to nail flies at close quarters. Ben worked so hard for a final fish but the conditions and fish conspired against him.

He not only endured the “advice” we threw at him but managed to improve his casting all day while standing on the front platform in the wind and rolling seas.

Well done mate you so deserved one more fish and a medal for your endurance and your “never give up” attitude.