Chasing Kahawai with Old Mates

Its a cool day when old friends book you for a catch up after 20 years.

It turns out Steven has been living in New York and been chasing bonefish in Aitutaki and Hawaii and Matt is just as goofy and enthusiastic as he was back then.

I had to jump in and out of guide mode while we all filled in life’s chapters,turn arounds, events and adventures.

I was keen to show them the various types of fishing on fly that the waters around Waiheke offer but we were plagued with wind shifts and fish that appeared and disappeared.

flyfishingThey reassured me that the day had been a great success and catching fish was not the focus, however I knew that going home without fish was not an option.

Phone calls were made and we extended an already long day and in the final minutes we finally made it to a Kahawai work up and two stunning fish went home on ice.

Thanks guys, so good to catch up after all these years!

I have promised Matt that next time he is on board I will be a more encouraging tutor, you did really well for a first time fly flinger!