Stalking Kahawai with Dean

Dean did an afternoon trip that started in a shallow bay stalking kingfish.

Dean positioned himself on the forward platform and I directed the min kota by remote from the stern,as he did a forward cast to clear his line two kings appeared right beside the boat and cruised for a while before turning and disappearing.


We did a few passes up and down the shore line but the wind decided to kick in and spotting became impossible.

The birds were working in the open channel indicating surface schools of rat kings and kahawai but despite some excellent casting from Dean they insisted on moving away every time we approached.

With the wind increasing we did a quick circuit of some kingfish structure that resulted in a hilarious scenario with a micro hoodlum connected to Deans fly while he attempted several roll casts.

We tagged a great condition little rat and made a run for calmer waters, away from the fish but into some calm bays.


Dean had busted out his old Kilwell 11wt for a bit of nostalgia but later remarked it did cast like a log compared to the Sage rods!

In fairness a small Kahawai and micro kingfish did not make full use of the top fighting grip and solid backbone of such a rod.