Introduction to our local fly fishing potential

Dean kicked off a busy week, I then had George, Eric and Anna and yesterday Ken joined me for an introduction to our local fly fishing potential.

The weather went from cold and nasty resulting in one cancelled trip to superb sun and light winds yesterday.

I elected for a tow home from Coast guard when we had some water in a fuel line with Eric and Anna which was a novel way to conclude the first saltwater experience for this couple from L.A.

The fish were really biting yesterday and my trip with Ken involved me taking a few casts myself. I have wanted to put a tag in some kingfish I see on a regular basis as I really don’t know if they are the same fish or not.

With excellent team work, Ken and I hooked, landed and tagged a 94cm kingfish. Here are a few shots from a week of variable weather and fishing but some truly fine people.

Flyfishing seems to attract some great humans! Thanks to Tangaroa ,Coast Guard,Fishing Friends,Waiheke and the abundance of our Hauraki Gulf.

Arohanui to all and best wishes for 2017.