A couple of Danes

I love having guys on board who have experienced NZ as a world class trout fishery never considering the saltwater opportunities.These guys were being hosted by a friend on the Island and the 4 of us set out for an introduction to saltflyfish-ing on a near perfect weather day.Both guys downplayed their casting ability having only done a “little bit” of sea trout fishing back home.Seeing a 25 meter cast lay out straight on target always fills be with anticipation that if I can find some fish then we have a good chance of catching.Once again the Kingfish and Kahawai were swirling and herding small anchovy into tight balls and then making slow motion attacks.In the clear water and bright sun numerous fish could be seen and cast to.Taking turns to target Kings and Kahawai on surface flies these danish farmers finally admitted to having sore arms and we dragged ourselves away from the continuing action to do some shallow water snapper fishing.The change of pace was welcome and another side to the local fly fishing was revealed as a few small snapper were caught in a shallow bay.They will never think of NZ as a trout only destination!

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