Surface sipping kingfish

Dan and Ant are both guys I really enjoy fishing with and having an afternoon free I thought it would be good to get among the surface schools that were feeding on an influx of tiny anchovy.

As summer moves into Autumn I have come to expect the anchovy schools to get herded into tight packs along the bays of Northern Waiheke. Onetangi Bay can be thick with birds and fish busting on the surface.

This summer has been delayed and remained cool until early March. This day it all came together and we got to cast to sighted surface feeding Kahawai and Kingfish.When the baitfish are small fast moving flies are often overlooked.

I cast a small popper fly at some swirls and then left the fly motionless as a kingfish cruised in and gently opened its mouth to sip the fly as a trout would a mayfly on a tiny stream. Dan decided to jump overboard and get a few shots as the kingfish was landed and then released.

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