Any chance?

Leroy happened into “Totally Fly” a leading fly store in Auckland  with an inquiry for a local saltwater charter.A call was made and I happened to be available the following day.Leroy just thought the 35minute ferry to Waiheke the next morning and fishing within 5 minutes of leaving the dock was all to easy, the following couple of hours provided some of the usual frustrations as the fish were there but not biting.I had a last chance spot that was likely to fire on the incoming tide and the final 30 minutes of this trip really paid off. Leroy had to make it back as he was flying out the following day , but we kept on deciding to catch just one more.The saltwater environment is so dynamic and the variables are often hard to pick, sometimes just continuing to try things pays off.

One thought on “Any chance?

  1. I will never forget my salt fly trip with Matt. any day on the water is a good day but Matt makes it a great day. he would not give up until we hit upon “swarming fish” . the hits on top water flies were exciting and the fight to land them was epic. we caught so many strong fish in that last 30 minutes, my arms were tired for two days. If you are ever in Auckland—go on a fishing trip with Matt.



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