I thought I would take a moment and tell you are few things about SaltFlyFish.We are Auckland’s first and only dedicated fly fishing charter operation.

I am guide and skipper on board our custom designed boat.We are fully certified and approved by Maritime New Zealand and operate within all requirements of our safety plan.

I carry a full range of Sage rods and reels and use a range of Rio fly lines.

I enjoy introducing people to saltwater fly fishing for the first time or showing experienced anglers our local opportunities. Fly casting tuition is part of the experience and this can be a few friendly tips or the main focus of a charter. I like to start on the shore with a casting tune up or introduction. I can show you fish and tell you what has worked before but you  need to cast the fly.

For beginners and intermediate casters who have not developed the skills required, we can “team” fish, I will put a few casts in to demonstrate  the distance or location of a cast that will catch.

Our focus is not about catching big fish or taking a limit, we don’t use burly or chum and most fish we catch are released. I would rather work hard to inspire you to develop the skills to catch fish on fly and hunt the shallows observing what is happening on the day to match our flies and presentations to the conditions. However sometimes the fish we catch are big!

We love to promote Kahawai as a sports fish and excellent eating fish, prepared properly or in the hands of an expert chef these once lowly regarded fish are treasures. They deserve to be allowed to rebuild to abundance and reconsidering the way they are utilised is part of the conservation approach. Simply put they are to valuable as the “peoples” fish to be a low grade export commodity.

We are part of the Tagaking on fly programme that is demonstrating the value of having more fish in the sea. We are proud supporters of Legasea who are advocates and researchers for restored abundance of our inshore fisheries. You will see the Legasea logo on the life jackets in all your “grip and grin” photos.

We fly fish all year round, small shrimpy flies over shallow kelp reefs in the winter, baitfish and top water flies for the early runs of whitebait feeding kingfish and Kahawai in spring, and large flies on the flats for  kingfish in the late summer.

I am constantly surprised by the opportunities that exist for  the “thinking” fly fisher in our local waters.

I have  fished in the Pacific for Bonefish and Giant Trevally on Aitutaki and Kiribati and will extend the SaltFlyFish experience to hosted trips in the future.IMG_1784

Matt von Sturmer



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