“Do Nothing”

George is no stranger to NZ fly fishing , his work has provided an excuse to visit from USA every year. He was part of the first Collingwood Kingfish with Anton Donaldson and prior to our charter he had been catching Kahawai, Kingfish and skip jack tuna from  a Kayak in the far north.What I managed to do was show him some of the range and quality of fly fishing that exists on the door steps of Downtown Auckland.

I was certain there were Skipjack busting on the perimeter of some kahawai schools as we fished down the northern side of Waiheke but everything was fast moving and the slack tide meant the

action was spread out. Some interesting fly changes were made until we found something small enough to emulate the baby anchovy but big enough to be noticed in the expanse of the open ocean. In confidence the anchovy action would build into the afternoon I swapped a light outfit for the rod George had been fishing and I introduced him to mooching the shallow corners and casting small clousers for our Bream (snapper). Long casts between boulders and into nooks and crannies and then letting the fly sink (do nothing) before a series of pulls and pauses back to the boat is what works.A few casts in and George was hit by a big snapper.

The fish lead us around some rocks and eventually buried its head in the weed, this was a very solid fish and George was excited enough just to have hooked it and proved the “do nothing” technique. Another couple of good hits and a few smaller fish to the boat proved a great introduction to this unique and original style of fly fishing, it was time to check on the Anchovy schools.

We did not have far to go before a bay of Kahawai and Kingfish could be seen herding “chovies” into the shallows. Our Afternoon was spent sighting and casting to  individual fish as waves of anchovies and predators surrounded the boat. George landed  “best ever” 63cm Kahawai before our 15minute run back to Matiatia and his ferry back to the city.

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