Jay’s “wig hair” bait fish fly

Jay Murakoshi heard rumour last year we had been catching kingfish in shallow water with a fly pattern he had developed, the idea of yellowtail kingfish (amberjack)  on the flats was enough for Jay and 3 good buddies to make the long trip down under to see for themselves. Anchovy schools arrived in force in the same week and supplied so much alternative feed that we spent a frustrating week trying to get past the Kahawai and catch a few kings. We saw them, they waved tails at us on the flats, took half serious swipes at flies on the channel markers and ignored our flys amoung the masses of anchovy. Garth connected with a good fish that snapped a leader but that was as close as we got to landing one.fullsizeoutput_915

Laughs, lots of Kahawai,good food and company hopefully made the trip worthwhile.


Jay did a couple of fly tying demonstrations which were much appreciated by those in the know ,while the wig hair baitfish fly was not the fly of choice around Waiheke that week a single fly accounted for 3 kings for Paul Mills on the Manukau Harbour the day after Jays group departed. Paul had dressed it with Kahawai markings with a sharpie pen and the kings were all over it. I also had unfinished business with some kings Jay and Bill had witnessed in 3 feet of water in a shallow bay zig zag hunting and then going tail up and head down feeding. We had started to think it was shrimp or crabs  but a simple flounder fly produced a hook up when Carmen and I went to try some alternative presentations on these “uncatchable” fish. In the name of research we kept one and the autopsy revealed 27 small flounder in its belly. fullsizeoutput_935

Jay will be back with some flounder patterns and some variations on his wig hair baitfish, I have no doubt the local kingfish will be doing some new feeding behaviour to keep us all guessing and stretching the imagination of good anglers and expert fly tyers such as Jay ,Garth ,Bill and Edwin.

It was a fantastic week getting out each day with 2 guys in the morning and then a swap after lunch. Garth and Edwin never made it to some of the flats and Jay and Bill did not get to see some of the crazy action we had at the back of Motutapu Island with thousands of kahawai ,snapper and king fishing busting anchovy onto the shore. Two weeks is what we need next time ,and then if the kings are on a funny bite one week it might just change for the next.

One thought on “Jay’s “wig hair” bait fish fly

  1. Excellent little article Matt. Shame about the kings. They do that sometime- just go off the bite completely. I wonder if they’re feeding at night when that happens? Nice fat kahawai you found anyway. Such are the frustrations of guiding…

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