The fish on my plate

Good friend of SaltFlyFish David Fanning has officially retired after decades of leading ground breaking story telling of the big issues at Frontline. Tonite we get to view on line one of the select projects he continues to produce, lets hope to see him do some more fish related projects as there is a lot to be told.

He is a keen fly fisherman, nature lover, good guy, family man, conservationist, and  a visionary craftsman who has lead numerous teams to produce the highest level of public broadcasting ever!

Ok , I like the guy a lot and cannot express how humbled I am to consider him amoung a select few “bromances” I maintain. When he is down this way we try to get together with another of the bro’s Gordon Hill (gordy) and do a day of fly fishing the saltwater around Waiheke.

I want to show you a fine fish Dave caught ,tagged and released with me on Waiheke at the beginning of this season. Dave knew his Kiwi family would be up in arms that this kingfish was returned to the sea rather than packed on ice and enjoyed as a family meal. Dave and I chatted while we fished about fly fishing and the various aspects of conservation and utilisation of wild fish. We were both comfortable taking that fish yet the decision to release it as part of the #TagAKingOnFly project now seems extra special as we all try to comprehend the complexities and contradictions of recreational, commercial fishing, utilisation and conservation.


I believe conservation alone is not the answer for the Oceans ,we need informed insightful management that favours abundance and responsible utilisation.

For  local information about the complexity of fisheries management and conservation go to The unfortunate truth is that we cannot trust the corporate and government story telling about own own supposed Quota Management system.

What we need is genuine enquiry , fact finding and balanced reporting .

We need a seasoned pro like you Dave , I promise to take you fishing , pizza and a beer ………

Check out the full documentary at The fish on my plate


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