A long way to come

Iestyn was sent from Europe for three days to do some business in Auckland, from the sound of the task it made perfect sense to spend a day on the water before getting the job done.

Its always interesting chatting to anglers and especially so when the fly fishing style and species are new. Conversation flows between fishing adventures, family, and plans for the future.fullsizeoutput_c3b

Maybe it was his Welsh heritage or perhaps we just got on well but I had to let him know that the conversation was optional, I could try to be a guide of few words ,just gesturing when fish broke the surface or where to suggest a cast.Iestyn assured me he was not the quiet type himself and we continued to chit chat about life while I moved from spot to spot.

It was only an afternoon trip so we did a circuit of shallow water spots close to Waiheke, the fish were in all the usual hangs and Iestyn really enjoyed the contrasting subtle bites and the smash and grab takes. Weighted and unweighted flies were catching snapper , it proved to bright for getting one on a surface fly but with a bunch of fish already caught and released he gave it a few casts on the off chance.

He had visited NZ before and knew that most kiwis considered snapper a bottom dwelling species so everything we did on fly was exciting, having one take a dry would have been really cool. fullsizeoutput_c41

He had a new rod to christen and managed about a dozen fat snapper and a kahawai , he also spent some time throwing one of the Sage Salt rods , this produced further material for the two of us to chat about while the afternoon passed, by this stage he had worked out the likely holds and was placing the fly into the same sort of areas I would have done myself. Every few casts produced a bite and if not we moved along the coast to find the fish.fullsizeoutput_c40

As the tide reached the right stage we got to throw some flies at some kingfish , I had let him know it was unlikely they were going to eat but the excitement of seeing them and making casts was worth the effort.

The conditions were perfect, the conversation and company great and the fish were biting. What better preparation could there be!

So if you have some challenging business tasks ,I suggest delaying them for a day and come fishing! fullsizeoutput_c47


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