Snapper, Kingfish ( Yellow Tail ), Trevally and Kahawai are our main targets, however there are multiple other fish we encounter and can be targeted on fly.
New Zealand is known for very large Kingfish and our Snapper ( Pagrus auratus) can be found in very shallow water within the city and every conceivable habitat around our shores. The summer months provide an influx of tropical Gamefish from small tuna to world record Marlin. 
Kahawai (Arripis trutta) average size is 40–50 centimetres. The fish group together according to size, and schools of juveniles 20–35 centimetres long are quite common. Kahawai live in open coastal waters throughout New Zealand, but are more common around the North Island. They seldom venture more than 20 kilometres offshore. Adults eat crustaceans and small fish, juveniles feed on plankton. In turn, they are prey for orcas, bottlenose dolphins, kingfish and bronze whaler sharks.
Snapper (Pagrus auratus) is probably the best known and most highly prized New Zealand sea fish. It is the country’s only sea bream, and also occurs off Australia. Snapper live at all depths down to about 200 metres. They are most commonly found on the west and north-east coasts of the North Island. Stragglers reach south to Foveaux Strait. They feed on seabed invertebrates and near-bottom squid and small fish. Their average size is 30–50 centimetres, but they occasionally grow to 1 metre.

Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) the conspicuous yellow tail identifies this worldwide species. It is widely distributed around the North Island and northern South Island, extending southward in summer. Mainly an open water fish, it may enter estuaries and enclosed waters in search of small pelagic fish (pilchards, kōheru) and crustaceans. Kingfish are aggressive predators that swim quickly. Schools often hunt around offshore reefs. They can reach 1.7 metres in length and weigh 56 kilograms.Recreational anglers target the species – they fight well and the flesh is excellent.


New Zealand’s North Island enjoys a temperate and variable climate with year round fishing, unsettled would be a good description of our changeable conditions, and having local knowledge and flexible itineraries is the smartest way to ensure making the best of each fishing day.



Your custom trip may utilise the many Islands of Auckland’s Hauraki gulf where we will stalk the rocky coast lines and islands for snapper, kingfish and trevally. Alternatively, we will ‘mooch’ around the shallows fishing for “pannie” snapper on shallow flats. We’re always ready for surface bust ups during the annual runs of anchovies and bait fish schools.
Custom away trips on request to locations such as far north and Coromandel, contact Matt to discuss.