I’ve done a bit of fishing, here and there all over the world from big game fish off Portugul to fresh run sea trout in the West of Ireland and rainbows in the Rockies but I can honestly say that my recent trip out with Matt around Waiheke was one of the most fun trips that I have ever had.
He picked us up from the ferry at Matiatia late one afternoon and within seconds of leaving the shelter of the harbour we were seeing surface action. Perfect conditions for the type of charter that Matt offers. There wasn’t much doubt that we would catch so the excitement level went sky high right from the get go. We had a short evening trip planned and we were both into fish on our first casts, double hook ups as Onetangi boiled up with all the links of a healthy food chain. Anchovies attracting the kawahai and in turn the kingfish.
It was thrilling to watch kingfish stalk and harry the kawahai as we played them to the boat and I’ll admit to fluffing plenty of casts in my over excited state!
Matt has all the gear you could wish for on board and is a relaxed and generous tutor, even experienced fly fishers will learn a trick or two with him. Just remeber – strip strike!
We fished at all depths, with different lures, learning new techniques, targetting multiple species. We even caught surprisingly good sized snapper hard on the botton in areas that you simply would not be able to target safely from the shore or from other boats.
The design of Matts boat feels custom made for mooching about the many cracks, crevices and coves that dot the shores of Waiheke. Fast and wide beamed with a small draught make it a very stable, safe and quiet craft – perfect for sneaking up on those kingys! 
I really can’t wait to head out on the water with Matt again as soon as I can!

Anthony McNamara, April 2015